Rishon Biochem Quality Assurance System plays an important role by assuring that the company can provide qualified products and services expected by the customers&co-op. Quality Assurance is a commitment to excellence by each Rishon Biochem employee. It’s achieved through teamwork and a process of continuous improvement.

Quality affects all segments of the company. It means providing our customers with qualified products and services to meet their requirements. Customer satisfaction is therefore a key element in our definition of quality. The Quality Assurance System is set to:

Increasing the efficiency of our operation processes and procedures
Ensuring the quality products and serviecs
Ensuring competitive position of our products and services in world markets.

Leadership Responsibility
The leadership of the company holds special responsibility for the continual improvement of the quality and services.

Develop and promote the quality awareness of the workforce.
Work with all parties involved to define quality objectives and ensure the performance.
Creates the organizational and personnel framework for meeting the quality objectives.
Ensure employees are trained accordingly to enable them to meet the quality objectives set.

Quality Management Dept.
The organisational units of the company are supported by the Quality Management Department in meeting the quality objectives.

The main functions of the Quality Management department are:
Defining company-wide quality strategies and objectives.

Issuing quality management regulations binding on all organisational units.

Conducting regular information sessions for the quality officers of all organisational units.

Promoting quality management training for all employees.

Working in external committees and working groups.

Rishon Biochem has established and maintained efficient purchasing procedures which ensure the material are controlled conform to the specified requirement.

Records & Database Management
Records & Database Management System are established, maintained and controlled to demonstrate effective operation of the total management system and conformance to requirements.

Each organization conducts periodic supervision to verify that work activities are consistent with defined management systems, and to ensure that management systems remain effective for achieving objectives and targets.

Product and/or service problems are documented:
Analysis of the cause(s) of unacceptable product or service.
Determination of the action needed to prevent recurrence, and follow through.
Documentation of corrective action taken and resulting changes to system procedures.
Validation of the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions.
Timely communication back to the customers.

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