Material Safety datasheet of Microalgae DHA Oil.

Material Safety datasheet of Microalgae DHA OilDHA Oil (Algae)

Material Safety Data Sheet


 Section1-Material Identification                                                                    


Product Name: DHA Oil (Algae)

Chemical Family: Lipids

Use: Nutritional Supplementation


Section 2-Physical Date


Physical State: Liquid
Colour: Slightly yellow
Odour: Characteristic
Specific Gravity at 20℃: N/A

Freezing Point: N/A

Boiling Point: N/A

Vapour Pressure(mm Hg): N/A


Section 3-Fire and Explosion Date


Flash Point: N/A

         Extinguishing media: CO2, dry chemical, foam.

Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Do not use a direct stream of water, product may float and can be reignited on the surface of water. Use self contained breathing apparatus when fighting interior fires.


Section 4-Reactivity Data


Conditions of Instability: Stable

Incompatibility: N/A

Hazardous Decomposition Products: CO2 may be produced


Section 5-Health Information


Threshold Limit Value: None set for this product.


Inhalation: Hazard is negligible unless heated to produce vapours or mist. Vapours or finely misted materials may irritate the mucous membrances and cause irritation, dizziness and nausea.


Skin Contant: Unlikely to cause skin irritation or injury.


Eye Contact: May cause irritation. Rinse eye with water for at least 15 to 20 minutes.


Ingestion: Swallowing this material is not likely to be harmful.


Section 6 –Emergency and First Aid Procedures


Skin Contact: First aid is not normally required. However, it is recommended that exposed areas of the body be cleaned with soap and water.


Eye Contact: Rinse eyes with a stream of water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.


Ingestion: Seek medical attention if symptoms persist or if ingested in large quantities.


Section 7-Employee Protection


Respriatory Protection: Respirators approved for organic vapours


Protective Clothing: Safety glasses, goggles or face shield recommended to protect eyes from mists or splashing. Neoprene or rubber gloves recommended to prevent skin contact.


Other Protective Measures: Employees must practice good personal hygiene, washing exposed area of skin several times daily and laundering contaminated clothing before re-use.


Section 8-Envirromental Protection


Waste Disposal: Wash may be disposed of by a licensed waste disposal company.

Contaminated absorbent materials may be disposed of in an approved land fill. Follw local, state and federal disposal regulations.


Environmental Hazards:None.


Section 9-Special Precaution


Storage: The product should be stored in the tightly closed original packaging in a cool and dry place.

Handling: If to be used as food, avoid contamination.


Section 10-Other information





Information herein is given in good faith but no warranty, expressed or implied, is made. RISHON makes no representations as to the completeness or accuracy thereof.


Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons receiving same will make their own determination as to its suitable for their purposes prior to use.  RISHON shall not be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use or reliance upon Information.


** End of MSDS**

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