How does arachidonic acid work in body? Rishon supply Arachidonic Acid (CAS:506-32-1), including oil and powder. Arachidonic acid is a polyunsturated essential fatty acids that our body cannot manufacture enough. The arachidonic acid supplied by RISHON is made from Mortierella alpina.

how does arachidonic acid work

Arachidonic acid, or ARA for short, is an Omega 6 fatty acid found in the phospholipids of a body’s cells (Human + Animal). Arachidonic Acid allows for the production of eicosanoids which are signalling molecules that exert control over inflammatory and immunity pathways. The greater the amount of Arachidonic Acid in the body, the more eicosanoids are produced and the greater the inflammation.

It is through these Eicosanoids that the majority of benefits seen with arachidonic acid and its effect on body composition are noticed and the reason why anti-inflammatories (which downregulate eicosanoid synthesis) are typically avoided around consumption of arachidonic acid.
There are multiple subgroupings of Eicosanoids which are:
An increase in production of eicosanoids will lead to an increase in the above. We however, are only seeking an increase in the prostaglandins and desire to limit the conversion of ARA into the other three (more on this later).
An increase in the prostaglandins PGE2 and PGF2a bought upon by Arachidonic Acid supplementation stimulates muscle protein synthesis after a bout of exercise.
In essence, via a lot of complicated pathways, Arachidonic Acid –> Exercise –> PGF2a + PGE2 = GAINZZZ .
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